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Reflexology For All....

Reflexology is a focused pressure technique, directed at the feet or hands. When reflexes are stimulated they activate points and organs throughout the body, to bring balance to the body systems....and its a relaxing treatment too!! This treatment is excellent for conditions such as stress & anxiety, anxiety associated with ASD, menopause, conception support, hormone imbalances, migraines & pain relief to name but a few. If you would like to try this fabulous treatment, please have a look at our menu & we can put together an individual treatment for you and your children, whatever their age and requirements.

Reflexology Taster Session

If you have never received a reflexology treatment or are time restricted, what better way to experience a reflexology treatment

  • £25 / 30 mins

  • Reflexology Treatment

    By working specific reflex points through the hands or feet, we relax & cleanse the body of impurities & encourage the body to restore its own natural healthy balance. Stress relieving & deeply relaxing, this treatment, can help bring relief to acute & chronic conditions, such as hormone imbalance, digestive issues, IBS, arthritis, diabetes, back & neck pain, migraine & headaches

  • £35 / 60 mins
  • £50 / 90mins

  • Lower Leg & Foot Massage

    Revive those tired legs & feet with our wonderfully relaxing massage. Feel your aches & being soothed away, as your muscles relax & tension dissolves

  • £25 / 30 mins

  • Reflexology . conception

    Fertility Reflexology

    When trying to conceive we need to be in the best state of physical & mental health. With a focus on hormone balancing & the functioning of the reproductive organs, we aim to promote relaxation and support, on your fertility journey, in a safe & confidential space

  • £35 / 45 mins

  • Induction Reflexology

    Overdue or post-term pregnancy can leave moms-to-be exhausted and even more stressed out.
    This is the perfect treatment to encourage the start of the natural labour long as your health professional is happy for you to try induction reflexology

  • £35 / 45 mins

  • 50/50 Reflexology & Massage

    For those who love hands on massage and reflexology

  • £35 / 60 mins

  • Crystal Reflexology

    A gentler treatment that uses crystal wands as opposed to therapists fingers & thumbs. The integration of crystals is used to enhance the treatment & give greater results. Ideal for those clients who find standard reflexology too painful or uncomfortable

  • £45 / 60 mins

  • Thai Foot Massage

    The application of pressure to specific reflex points on the feet, using stretching and pin point techniques to open up Sen energy lines. This treatment uses a combination of firm soft & robust movements along with a rosewood stick

  • £45 / 45 mins

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